What About Bob

img_01631With the name Bob, you have to ask, “What about Bob?”  Here I am sixtythree years old and I am playing in paint and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve always loved art and expressed it in ways of drawing, lettering, pottery, block prints and photography.  It was at a low time in my life that I began to “mess” with acrylics in an abstract manner.  It was through the words “find your voice” of an art instructor that I found my way into abstracts on the canvas.  There I have found my voice … and I am learning to speak in bold terms.

If I had any credentials I would list them, but the truth is I was an art major in college, but never finished my degree.  So most of what you will see and experience on my website is “self taught.”  I find my inspiration through the works of many of the modern abstract artists out there in the world on social media and the internet.  I read, watch and learn from others styles and descriptions of their work.  I am enriched by the voices of others.

There are moments in life that humble us.  Here’s one of mine … while showing my work at an art show a lady asked me after looking at my abstracts, “So do you think you’re a painter?”  I answered her the best I knew, “I don’t know you tell me.”   Her question motivates me and pushes me on to be and become a painter.

“The first demand any work of art makes upon us is surrender. Look. Listen. Receive. Get yourself out of the way. There is no good asking first whether the work before you deserves such a surrender,  for until you have surrendered you cannot possibly find out.” – CS Lewis

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